The Engaging 

'"Conversations opens spaces for connections"~ LyricalShakespeare

The Engaging Collective is a creative heart centered endeavor that provides enriching experiences and opportunities to Metro Atlanta communities by providing emerging creatives equitable access to the resources, and instruction to generate income from their crafts.

YOU MATTER, ALWAYS! - A life of dignity is a life of purpose. We believe each person has value, creativity, AND power. This community was created from a heart of love and approach to help you figure out what matters most to you, seek joy and bridge compassion for yourself and others.

"…it is not just about money or profits, it's about understanding what part the brand plays in your larger story". - Chase Jarvis

Be good to those around you and make sure they know they matter just as much as you do with integrity, authority & grace. In this crazy world where we blaze through other people's lives like they were computer avatars it's easy to forget how much every single person counts no matter how big or small they are. The Engaging Collective will help build bridges with others through education, mentoring, creating communities of support & friendship that exist beyond your own personal networks.

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